Gender equality, education and the environment at the forefront of new SDG Advocate campaigns

Back in May, six innovative public figures joined the battle to push the world towards reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Each of the new official SDG Advocates committed thems...


South Africa: 2018 Femicide Cases - the Women, the Men Who Murdered Them, and Where They Are Now

By Alex Mitchley   Femicide, or the murder of a woman at the hands of a man, captured national headlines in 2018 with dozens of marches and court cases highlighting the plight of women in the countr...


Seeking to save money, Sierra Leone village gives up FGM

  By Nellie Peyton   A two-week festival of initiations happens several times a year and costs the entire village dear, requiring new clothes, a feast, and fees to be paid by parents and cutters  ...


Africa: #MeToo in Africa - Govts Urged to Enact Protections They Fought For

Guest column By Aruna Kashyap   In June, labor advocates from across the world celebrated the passage of a landmark global treaty that builds on the unprecedented gains made in the era of #MeToo. By...




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